Our class book for this half term is The Iron Man.

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In the comments section, share your thoughts on the story opening.

Q What is the Iron Man like?

Q What descriptive language do you like?

Q What other features does Ted Hughes use to build tension?

Q What do you think is going to happen next?

11 Responses to “The Iron Man, by Ted Hughes”

  1. Mariana Figueiredo Da Silva said:

    The iron man is not our English any more but in the film it was difrent

  2. Kirsty-Angel Osagie said:

    The Iron man is as tall as a house.Where had he come from?Nobody knows.How was he made?Nobody knows.His big giant eyes like headlights they turned red then infra red this giant eats Metal!!

  3. Sofia Lutango Domingos said:

    The iron mans eyes are very wide . They turn infra red blue white red gold and rainbow. once there was a boy called Hogarth he was a farmer . then one day he got a knife and a nail he got the two objects and made a clink clink clink noise because the iron man liked metal so then the iron man licked his lip like a cheater getting ready to get into his dinner and bash the iron man crashed into the big hole noooooo shouted theiron man.

  4. Ilan Aguledo Betancourt said:

    The iron man is big as a volcano .
    As big as a house.

  5. Michael Alves said:

    The Iron Man is like a giant

  6. Obed Lombi said:

    His eyes turn into white red and inther red

  7. Obed Lombi said:

    He is taller than a house.

  8. Sofia Lutango Domingos said:

    I think that the iron man is very scary because his eyes look like headlamps head shaped as a dustbin an he is enormous as a rollercoaster and body as wide as a bedroom

  9. Obed Lombi said:

    his head shaped like a head lamp

  10. Sophie Pereira said:

    the iron man is scary

  11. Mariana Figueiredo Da Silva said:

    The iron man is huge and his head is shaped like a dust bin

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