We are learning all about the Shang Dynasty of Ancient China this half term. Below  is a map of the area the Shang Dynasty ruled over.

In the comments section, try and answer these questions:

  • Which continent is China in?
  • What countries does it border?
  • What oceans and seas surround China?
  • Can you name any rivers in China?


Watch this video to see what life was like in the Shang Dynasty.

Write any interesting facts you found out in the comments section.

5 Responses to “Shang Dynasty of Ancient China”

  1. Kirsty-Angel Osagie said:

    China expanded over the past few years ago and now it is not at war anymore.

  2. Michael Alves said:

    Why did china want to expand.

  3. Beatriz Abrantes Rodrigues said:

    The country next to China is India and japan

  4. Mariana Figueiredo Da Silva said:

    Why dose china have a river called the yellow river

  5. Sophie Pereira said:

    China is in the continet of asia.
    The yellow river.

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