Follow the link below to access the Lexia Reading at home.  Below are also instructions on accessing through adding the ‘teacher’s email’.



Teacher’s email:

The school’s Customer Code: 8944-7252-1213-1787 (don’t forget                                                                                                          the dashes)

Once the teacher’s email has been saved, the screen below should appear.  At this point use your login name and enter ‘read’ as the password.  Login details are available from class teachers.






5 Responses to “Lexia”

  1. Kirsty-Angel Osagie said:

    Lexia makes you learn more often and expands our knowledge.

  2. Mariana Figueiredo Da Silva said:

    Lexia makes me do the right spellings

  3. Mariana Figueiredo Da Silva said:

    This makes me learn more better stuff.

  4. Sophie Pereira said:

    Lexus IS something to enjoy 🤩😎

  5. Sophie Pereira said:

    I think lexia is fun.

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